Label Express laser die cutter is a high-speed label cutting system that delivers high flexibility and great precision with an intuitive operation. With the state of the art CCD module, auto-feed system, waste removal module and re-winder device, as well as an optional slitting module. Label Express provides an uninterrupted and unattended workflow on one single compact platform.

LabelExpress is suitable for paper cutting; not only does it complete the complex contour cutting; it cuts in a swift speed. When it comes to manufacturing small amounts of card papers, wrapping papers, and paper goods, there is no need for you to consider the cost of the knife model.

Furthermore, the more complex the patterns are, the more suitable for users to use laser to carry on laser papercutting, which simplifies the whole manufacturing process. You can also pre-paint and print out the patterns, proceed on 2 Mark positioning, and then run the laser contour paper cutting to completely simplify the manufacturing process. GCC LabelExpress is your best choice.

LabelExpress can be customized to adapt most papers applications in the market, in order to allow you to create extra values of the personalized and original goods that are loved by consumers, which will bring you to a whole new field.